Shinai Sword (Bamboo), (with Hilt)

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These Shinai High Quality Bamboo Swords are used as a practice sword for beginner and professionals in order to simulate the weight of a katana or a bokken without injuring the user or the target. The four slats tied together are specifically designed to reduce the force of impact of a blow. Upon hitting the target, the four staves flex and compact together, spreading the force of the blow over a longer period of time. This significantly reduces the harm it can impart on a target, leaving at worst a bruise even when wielded by the strongest users.

  • Made of High Quality Strong and Flexible Bamboo
  • Light weight and High Resistant for Professional Kendo Training
  • Available Sizes : 21 (22.5"), 22 (25"), 26 (32"), 30 (36"), 32 (38"), 34 (41.5"), 36 (44"), 37 (45"), 38 (46"), 39 (46.5")
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